Mobile Legends: What is all the fuss about?

If you are active with your social media lately, you will notice how people are updating their timelines with the ranks and achievements they have got from Mobile Legends. Released on July 14, 2016, the game has reached 10 million players worldwide. But what has made the game so special compared to other MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)?

The familiarity

MOLRegardless the allegation of copyright issue by the rival company, Mobile Legends does make its users feel like home. The game concepts, from the user interface to the battle system follows the convention of its predecessors, such as Starcraft and Defense of the Ancients (DotA).

The game design uses common themes, such as sci-fi and fantasy. There are varieties of characters from multi-races and genders. You can find the old orcish and elvish characters in the game, and also the others that range from the ancient Chinese warrior look to the steampunk-ish lady with a big canon.

But perhaps the design is too familiar, and it seems like the developer just takes famous stereotyped characters from other MOBAs and put them all in one arena. This artistic choice makes the characters of the game less authentic and immersive.

The complex made easy, too easy maybe

MobaDotA is outstanding because the players are required to strategize his/her every move carefully so that they can be the first to upgrade their buffs. All of the steps must be memorized and calculated in abstraction, which is the real challenge a hardcore gamer usually looks after.

Mobile Legends change that aspect into something that is more playable even by a novice player. The system has a decent item suggestion for each character so that the player does not need to bother with calculation or remembering stuff.

Available battle options

Mobile LegendsMobile Legends has three options for battle:

Match-Up Mode

This mode allows players with similar stats and experience to compete between one and another. It can satisfy players who only want to battle others from his/her league.

Seasonal ranked battles

Battle seasons are only for level six or above players. And the other requirement is that the participating user must already have at least six heroes at his/her disposal.

The game lasts for a month and will give rewards to players who can reach the top ranks.

Brawl mode

What is interesting about this mode is that there is no turning back once the fight has started. The players cannot return to the base and heal and have to fight and survive in a single raid.


Mobile Legends is a famous game with many players because it is very accessible and easy to play. A MOBA enthusiast will still find the game challenging and a newbie will not get overwhelmed by an overly complicated gameplay or battle system.