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How to Enjoy a Live Concert

So, you recently won yourself a live concert ticket, and the date is fast approaching. However, you are getting cold feet already because it’s your first concert and you have no one to accompany you. Well, you are not alone on that because most people freak out at the thought of being a lone wolf at live concerts. However, if given a second chance, most first-time concertgoers say they would jump at it because now they know one thing: a live show is mad fun when you are alone.

You don’t have to stress about anyone getting too drunk, holding anyone’s a purse or coat as they pee or worry about getting a black eye when you try to defend a stubborn drunk friend. What’s even better is that this article will give you the best tips on how to enjoy a concert while alone.

Get there early

If you are going to a live concert, it is advisable that you go before time so you can avoid the long lines at the entrance. Besides, arriving early gives you a chance to get the best spot where you can see the live performance without any obstacles.

Don’t get too drunk

too much alcoholWhen going to a live concert, keep in mind, you are going there to have fun by listening and dancing to live music and not to drink alcohol. It’s not the same as going to a club. Therefore, if you love your beer too much try and drink in moderation. There are various reason why you should keep this in mind.

First of all, a live concert attracts people of all calibers and from different parts. So if you end up getting too drunk, you are putting yourself in danger especially if you black out. In addition to safety, you will piss off everyone by becoming too rowdy and on top of it all, miss the show yourself.

Don’t be afraid to dance

Not all of us love shaking a leg, and also some of us were born with two left feet. Whichever the category you are in between these two groups of people, that should not deter you from dancing to your favorite wiggles go bananas song. Whether you are not into the music being played or not, all music was made for dancing and having fun plus this is a concert so have fun to the fullest.

Do not talk excessively

This is an unspoken rule of a concert. People came here to enjoy good live music and not talk. If you interrupt other concertgoers by shouting or yelling you will seem like a nuisance to others, and they’ll begin avoiding you. Also, you will not enjoy the performance yourself so if you see something interesting keep the thought for later when the performer finishes and an emcee takes over to introduce the next performer.

Do not record the show

Yes we understand it’s a Beyoncé, Wiz Khalifa, Nicki Minaj or any other of your favorite celebrities and you want to capture the precious moments, but if you try to watch a live performance while recording it, you will miss out big time.

Visit the washroom in advance

Bathrooms in most live concerts are often exciting thanks to the graffiti and decorations. However, ensure that you make your trip there in advance to avoid missing out when your favorite performer is on. Plus as the show goes on, more people tend to visit the loo so you’ll find long lines there and dirty washrooms. So save yourself the trouble and visit the bathroom in advance.

Make friends

happy coupleOn top of it all, make friends especially when you are alone so you can make the most out of your concert. We know it’s hard to break the ice between you and fellow strangers but start by asking simple questions such as have you seen this musician live before or I’ve never heard the opening band before do you know anything about them? And just like that, you would have made new friends for yourself.…

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You Will Regret If You Miss These Mega Music Festivals

Music is spiritual and sacred. Attending music festivals to a music enthusiast feels like a pious believer going on a pilgrim. All the pyro works, the gathering, and the majestic performance of the musicians and the dancers make the audience experiencing musical trance.

Here is a list of music festivals that can get you a once in lifetime experience. They are all too astonishing to miss.


TomorrowlandTomorrowland holds EDM Festival like no other. Taking place in Boom, Belgium, the festival has been known as the haven for EDM music concert. The weather is always sunny, and the people in the surrounding villages are all supporting the event.

The pop-up fantasy city, Dreamville, is set up at the same time as Tomorrowland festival. You can hang out to eat together with new friends, or just simply patch yourself up after a rough party. Dreamville is like a regular city, only smaller but has all of the fundamentals, such as convenient stores, H&M, and restaurants. The interesting thing is that the organizer is visionary enough, they have invented private currency for Dreamville.

The foods sold in the festival are also extraordinary. They are not cheap junk food, but the exotic and delicious Belgian cuisine. So if you come from the other part of the world, when you visit Tomorrowland, it can satisfy your culinary adventure as well. Moules-Frites and Carbonade Flamande are two national menus widely available in the festival.

Hellfest Open Air

Hellfest Open AirAs the name suggests, Hellfest Open Air is a mega rock music festival, which held annually every June in French. It accommodates every sub-genre of rock, from Punk to Extreme Metal. And the band line-ups are all chosen from the big names of the genre, such as Iron Maiden from New Wave British Heavy Metal (NWBHM), Slayer and Judas Priest from Thrash Metal, and Deep Purple from Rock.

Approximately three hundred and fifty thousand people have visited the festival every year. Metalheads from all backgrounds are gathering there, and you will find it easy to socialize and mingle with them at the camp. Hellfest Open Air metalheads are pretty much laid-back people, although their appearance might be frightening.

Fuji Rock

Fuji RockFuji Rock takes the top chart of the biggest music festivals in Asia. Based in Japan, the festival has been held since 1997. Musicians from various genres are performing there every last weekend of July every year.

Fuji Rock has seven main stages separated quite far from one and another. But during the walk, you can enjoy the beauty of the natural scenery. Dragondola is also available to ride in the festival. It will give you the experience of watching the concert sites from above.…

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