The All-Time TV Series that You Should Watch Before You Die

‘Netflix and chill’ has been the trending phrase that we hear or read on memes, and everyday timelines. Staying at home for catching up with the aired original series has become a new fashion for spending time at weekends. It used to be the habits of the geek and the nerd, but it seems like, these days, those attributes are perceived as cool.

A reason for TV series popularity is that they are too compelling and captivating to miss. Regular movies take ninety minutes to finish, while series take episodes in seasons.

Anyway, here is a list of series of which the story and the acting you must not miss, and you have to watch them at least once before you die.

Breaking Bad

Breaking BadBreaking Bad shows how death can change and inspire human to do exactly what he/she has never thought of. Walter White was an overly qualified chemistry teacher who also got diagnosed with lung cancer. He never broke the rules before. But the life seemed to be against him in every way.

When Walter met Jesse Pinkman, Walter saw how meth could open the path to wealth. He saw that the drug manufacturers were not aware, or even concerned, with how chemistry can enhance their products quality. Equipped with master degrees in chemistry, White and Pinkman toppled down the local druglords one by one and paved their drug empire.

West World

WestWorld SetInjected with high intensity of sci-fi and deep philosophical conversations about human nature and the nature of ethics, West World is a corporate dystopia series. The company Delos Incorporated built a theme park where their customers could do as they please, bending the law and ethics. Rape, murder, and any imaginable atrocity were the main attraction of the West World theme park. Except, they only can be done the hosts, humanoid robots that play as characters and had stories on their own.

The problem happened when one of the two original engineers of West World seemed to have a different agenda for the hosts. His vision went beyond making the hosts as only an amusement. The game’s stake was raised, and later the hosts could feel pain and even emotion. Would they take the revenge against the human?

Game of Thrones

GoTGame of Thrones (GoT) is a realist epic movie, where all of the feudal fantasies got demystified. Being a princess in Westeros, a realm in GoT, was not a good experience at all. Princesses were merely political instruments for kingdoms to unite power.

The story boils when the House of Stark, the lordship that was loyal to the King, crossed their way with the House of Lannister, the lordship of which the Queen came from. Then there were the Targaryen, the dragon riders from whom the King usurped the throne. The Targaryen tried to claim what was once theirs.

The conflict, drama, and the battles were all bloody and cunning, just like the real medieval war.…

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